Photographic Styles

Know what type of photographer you want to be

Want to find the best digital camera for you? If you know your photographic style, you can find a camera to match it.

What photos you respond to? Think about the photographs that make you say "WOW!" You will probably want to take the same type of photographs. Personality will play a role: if you have no problem walking up to strangers and asking to take their picture, then you won't have a problem with portraits. If you tend to enjoy peace and quiet and the serenity of nature, then you'll lean more towards landscapes.

Having a clear understanding of the photos you want take with your new camera will help you buy the right camera to achieve your goals. This page will introduce you to different photographic styles — with a photographic example of each one, so you really get the idea.

You love the great outdoors, and want to capture images of Mother Nature. From mountains to coastlines, you want to capture the essence of being outside. While you want a camera that is portable, you also need one with manual controls. Manual features ensure that you are able to capture the natural light as you see it. Landscape
It's people (or animals) that you find fascinating. When you travel, you are far more likely to take a photo of the locals than the location. People from all walks of life abound in your photographs. That, or your children and pets are your photographic passion. Either way, you are going to be using a combination of natural light and flash photography to get the photo you want. Portrait
I've mentioned natural light and flash photography. Night photography requires an entirely different technique (and the additional purchase of a good tripod). Not all cameras on the market today are able to take night photos of any kind. If you've ever wanted to take photos of city lights or fireworks then you need a camera with the additional features to get you there. Night
Just how close do you want to get to your photographic subject? A general rule of good photography is to fill the image with your subject, and donšt waste a lot of space. What if your image is of a bug or a tiny lizard? The only way to fill the frame with something this small is to get up close and personal. Then you need a camera that can focus on it. Macro
Action and Sports
You may be thinking, "I'm not a sports photographer." Those are the guys you see during the football game sitting on the sidelines with HUGE cameras taking photos for Sports Illustrated. However, if you've ever been inclined to take a photo of your child playing baseball or soccer then you are a sports photographer. Even if you'd like to take photos of your dog, you're still going to need a camera that can move fast. I don't know about you, but my dog rarely sits still to have his picture taken. Action and Sports
This is obviously not for everyone. Underwater digital photography requires purchasing a waterproof casing for your digital camera since water and microchips don't mix. However, if you are an avid scuba diver, or enjoy taking photos of the fish in the Caribbean and Hawaii then you'll want to consider a camera that has this option. Underwater
You are an artist. You are not looking to take the conventional photos that everyone else does. Instead, you want to create abstract images using a camera instead of a canvas. Even if it is not your intention to create abstract art all the time (sometimes you'll do it unintentionally) many of the digital cameras that allow you to take abstract images will also take a great photograph. Abstract
Anytime, Anyplace
Never miss a shot. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you want to have a camera with you. From candid shots of people on the streets to amazing vistas that youšve hiked to, you want a camera that is portable and light. The good news for you is that a huge number of digital cameras today fit this description. With computer miniaturization on the rise, cameras just keep getting smaller and smaller. Anytime

Do you have a good, clear idea of the types of photos that you're going to take? If you do, Great! If not, don't be too concerned. Sometimes you just have to take a variety of photos until you find out what you're really passionate about.

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