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May 25, 2005

Look For Color

It's been a day and an age since I have posted a project to the web site. For anyone who has been paying attention, my apologies.

Today, the project is all about exploring color. Go out into the world and find a way to make the colors really pop.

You can either isolate a color against a muted background, or fill the entire frame of the photo with the color. Either way, make sure that the color is the primary subject of the photo, regardless of the objects in the image.

Also try some techniques for "enhancing" color. For example, take a photograph that is predominantly blue sky and intentionally underexpose the image. You'll find that a pale blue sky has suddenly turned a deep, rich blue, which will alter the quality of the photo.

Good luck - I will try to post projects with more regularity from here on out.

Posted by Chris at 08:19 PM

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