Share Your Digital Photographs

Let family and friends who don't live next door see what you are up to

Digital cameras make sharing your photographs with others very easy. It's one of the benefits of shooting photos in a digital format.

With film, you get your photos printed and then you either put them in an album or (if you're like most of us) stuff them into a shoebox for safekeeping. When you want to show someone else your photos, you either share the album or haul out the shoebox.

Sharing Made Easy

With digital photographs, you don't have to wait for your prints to share your photographs with others. You can instantly share them with anyone who is nearby as soon as you transfer the images from your camera's memory card to your computer.

Once the photographs are on the computer, you can e-mail them to anyone you want. There is software that will help you do this, or you can use your standard e-mail program if you know how to send attachments.

There is also the Internet. There are many web sites today that will help you create galleries of your digital photographs so that you can share photos with friends and family. If you are computer-savvy, you can also create your own galleries, but this is typically more work than most want to invest in.

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